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About Us

FLEXIBLE LINING PRODUCTS Ltd are the UK's leading supplier of premium quality Swedish Sealeco EPDM (Elastoseal) material, sold in the UK under our registered trade mark & brand name Greenseal Rubber for a variety of applications which include pond, lake liners,box weld, tailored liners,water tank lining.

We have increased our range significantly over the past few years enabling us to offer an unrivalled selection of materials and engineered solutions for a variety of applications including FLP Coir rolls, FLP Coir bio-logs and Polyfelt liner protective geotextiles.

FLP target not only the home owner and professional contractor direct,but the aquatic retailer ,horticulture,landscaper and and industrial market sectors.

Sealeco EPDM is sourced through our specialist fabrication partners and then sold into the UK market under our brand name & registered trade mark Greenseal Rubber to retailers,landscapers,business and home owners

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Flexible Lining Products Limited recognises a need to act in an environmentally conscious manner,and are committed to the personal and social benefits that plant,wildlife and aquatic habitats bring to both private and public spaces. In association with stategic partnerships, FLP's goal is to share our passion combined with long-term environmental development strategies, encouraging the creation of these valuable assets, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone to be enjoyed and appreciated now, and for generations to come.

FLP are able to provide a project management, full or part installation external works service either by ourselves or through one of our approved installers. If you are unable to find the information or material on our website we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of your requirements further. We are able to offer our customers a consistent and highly specialised service, credible knowledge base, expert technical support and design information to ensure an economical quality solution to any project or application.


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